Twenty Seventeen

Twenty Seventeen

I’m so excited it’s 2017.
I feel confident and inspired to start fresh and set new goals.
Here are some personal challenges I want to push myself to achieve this new year…

Start a blog.
document life

Learn photography.
join a photography club

Move out.
find a new studio / apartment

Be more active.
go to the gym 3-4 times a week.

Get rid of bad habits.
get more sleep, stop procrastinating & stick to routines

Keep studying.
complete two or more subjects

Read more.
read a total of 17 books

Go overseas.
travel to america

Save, save, save!
put away 20% of salary

Twenty seventeen is going to be my year,
with a promise to work harder, be more ambitious, disciplined and organised.
So here’s to a positive year ahead!

Personal challenges.